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Musical Artizan 

Native American is the theme for Musical Artizan

Having shown an affinity for music from a very young age. I have created a wide variety of music to suit every genre from easy listening  to heavy metal. I have  explored a variety of music genres through my interest in exotic scales and modes. My pianoforte compositions are particularly noted for this. I am the curator of several popular spotify playlists and blogger.  After my years of working with sibelius notation software I decide that I needed a new challenge. so i decide to play the Native American Flute as this require audio recording a very different challenge to notational techniques 

David Nicholas Slater

Spotify Artist

Contrary to my Native American music profile (Musical Artizan) Both my profiles David N Slater and David Nicholas Slater are exclusively dedicated to producing music that makes use of exotic scales and modes within the classical genre not used on my  Native American Style Flute (Musical Artizan) profile  

Musical Artizan

Spotify Artist

Musical Artizan started generating score and related mp3 exports first in musescore and zynewaves podium.  He later advanced to sibelius and protools. He developed a taste for exotic scales. His Piano Forte score are particularly noted for this. The Musical Artizan spotify 

profile  is now now dedicated to Native American Music .


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Musical Artizan

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Artwork By James Alexander Day

Quote from James Alexander Day on An Artists Blog

'When listening to Sword by David N Slater, I cannot help but think how good this wonderful track by the Musical Artizan would be in a sci-fi movie. And I can see this playing as something very dramatic happens in the film . Maybe some ships are fighting in space, as this is playing in the background, as music is almost the third actor or actress in many movies I love....'

Check it out here ... Sword 

My name is James and I am an artist   and   paint   surreal and fantasy art   and I take inspiration  from many different places everything from Japanese anime and   manga comics   through to this surreal art  of   Salvador Dali    And other things  like sci-fi  and word  mythology.    I have  always liked  Arthurian   story from my   childhood .  I grew up watching films like Disney's Sword in the Stone  and  Excalibur from  1981  and many other films about   King Arthur. When  I was commissioned to do this  painting  for  Sword   I thought about what would be the most recognised  image that I could do  that  most people would  commonly associate with King Arthur, and for me it would be the Sword in the Stone.


As  in the story it is  the pulling  of the sword from the stone that means that he is  the rightful King   and only he can pull the sword out of the stone  so the Sword in the Stone  represents his   claim  to be the  one true King   and I guess that's what the inspiration behind this painting is..  When I was painting this painting  I had playing the  theme music 1981 film Excalibur   


I do like the art of the  early 20th century  everything from  cubist  and  expressionist  and  Henri Matisse with his  brightly coloured paintings  and  I am well knowing for my  bright  use of colour   and although I did not set out to make this painting look like something for the early part of the 20th century  . I cannot help that notice it does have that sort of feel about it with  the  bright colour palette that I've used and the simple and  bold shapes  that are  in the composition.